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NovaLT™12 was designed for high efficiency (36.5%) and lower total cost of ownership than market peers

Features and benefits


    The standard model delivers 12.6 MW, there will be future design options for power requirements from 10.5 MW to 13.9 MW. It draws on key design features from our widely referenced heavy-duty gas turbines, as well as the more recent NovaLT16 and NovaLT5 units. In particular, the standardization and modularization factors established by our highly successful NovaLT development program significantly reduce customized engineering needs, which means our delivery time is faster — and so is your time to first revenue.

    Innovation & co-creation

    The success of the NovaLT turbine family is rooted in FastWorks, an entrepreneurial approach to efficient resource allocation and speed to market. The first NovaLT design also involved a lot of customer collaboration from the beginning, so the entire family is built on practical in-field requirements. NovaLT turbines also draw on the unique advantages of the GE Store — meaning that they contain proven technologies and designs from across the entire GE organization — including Oil & Gas, Aviation, Energy and Global Research Centers.

    Features & benefits

    • Simplified engine architecture and maintenance through optimization of purging and cooling
    • Increased operating flexibility with inner and outer baffle redesign for more tunable dynamic behavior
    • Increased efficiency with new HPT end-wall contouring
    • Improved manufacturing time and consistency by using standardized parts common to NovaLT16 (e.g. brgs, bolts, NGV system) – leading to shorter delivery time

    Key applications

    Oil and gas midstream, Mechanical drive, Power generation

    EXW cycle

    36 weeks


    8 weeks


    Fr3, GE10, PGT10






    Technical Specifications


    Power output

    12.6 MW* (* Will include design options for different power needs

    from 10.5 MW to 13.9 MW)

    Efficiency @ full load


    Efficiency @ 70% load


    LP shaft rated speed

    8,900 rpm

    NOx emissions

    15 ppm

    DLN turndown

    50% or better

    Engine swap

    24 hours


    35 kh




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