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Setting new standards in cost-effectiveness

  • Every innovation starts with no references: in 1953 GE installed one of the first Frame3 turbines and it’s still there, up and running. It is true, 0-20 MW sector is new to us, but you know what? When we do something new it can last for more than 50+ years.

    For the entire asset lifecycle, the NovaLT gas turbine product family sets new standards in cost-effectiveness while providing higher efficiency and longer operational uptime.   


    NovaLT5 is a compact solution for a wide range of power generation, mechanical drive, and industrial applications. It is available in single-shaft and double-shaft configurations, both with high efficiency, extended MTBM and significantly lower operating and maintenance costs.


    The standard LT12 MODEL delivers 12.6 MW, there will be future design options for power requirements from 10.5 MW to 13.9 MW. It draws on key design features from our widely referenced heavy-duty gas turbines, as well as the more recent NovaLT16 and NovaLT5 units. In particular, the standardization and modularization factors established by our highly successful NovaLT development program significantly reduce customized engineering needs, which means our delivery time is faster — and so is your time to first revenue.


    This two-shaft gas turbine designed for mechanical drive and power generation applications. With a power turbine speed of 7,800 rpm, it is ideally suited for pipeline compression – with direct coupling to the latest PCL pipeline compressors featuring high performance stages and 89% or higher compressor efficiency. It is full of exceptional advantages for any operation – including up to 99% availability. It is designed for a 35,000-hour mean time between maintenance, which translates into four years of non-stop running for the gas generator module or eight years for the power turbine module.

    We introduce solid innovations that can help you long term. We introduce new technologies that last in the long term. Instead of remaining in the past, we look ahead to fuel the future and give you more power and efficiency for your plants.


    Every unit comes with built-in Predictivity™ Solutions to greatly improve local team’s asset management abilities while enabling fast and easy expert support from the GE Oil & Gas iCenters in Florence, Houston and Kuala Lumpur – for ongoing performance optimization.

    Wide package doors for simplified engine removal with no structural dismantling. Great attention was devoted to making engine in/out operations as easy and mistake-proof as possible.

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