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Our vectored annular cleaning system
(VACS™) G2 technology captures debris
downhole and transports it to the surface,
delivering clean wellbores for trouble-free
operations. Built on field-proven VACS
technology that has gained a solid reputation
over more than a decade, this new modular
design offers enhanced performance and
ease of handling, saving time and lowering
risk, particularly in deepwater applications.
As fluid flows through the jet nozzles, the
VACS G2 system and VACS FLO jet engine
produce increased suction pressure at the
base of the tool, capturing fines, coarse
debris, and junk in the tool basket. The
VACS G2 system and FLO engine have been
optimized to provide increased reliability and
performance during a variety of operations,
including post-perforating runs, sump packer
cleaning, packer and bridge plug retrieval,
and junk retrieval in both open- and casedhole
wells. vacs-slsh.pdf