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An asphalt terminal in the United States
was experiencing issues with hydrogen
sulfide (H2S) regeneration when a
polyphosphoric acid (PPA) modifier was
added to their asphalt product. Though
the terminal had a scavenger program in
place for H2S abatement, it was not
controlling the H2S regeneration
problem. This triggered an increase in
personal H2S monitor alarms at the
loading area, and violated the terminal’s
internal safety regulations. The terminal
was faced with the choice of either
discontinuing their use of the PPA
asphalt modifier or finding an alternate
chemical H2S scavenging program that
could effectively mitigate PPA-based H2S
regeneration and help keep their plant
personnel safe. They chose to find an
alternate chemical scavenger treatment
and reached out to Baker Hughes, a GE
company (BHGE), for help. sulfix-ppa-resistant-scavenger-program-mitigated-h2s-in-asphalt-cs.pdf