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Get your copy of "SULFIX PPA-resistant H2S scavenger program for asphalt"

The chemical binders used in asphalt
manufacturing are often modified using
a variety of techniques to improve their
properties and performance, enabling
terminal operators to enhance the value
of asphalt products. In North America
particularly, binders such as polyphosphoric
acid (PPA) have been used for many years.
During asphalt refining, hydrogen sulfide
(H2S) levels can be a serious HSE concern,
requiring a H2S scavenger program to help
mitigate the risk. However, mixing a PPA
modifier into the scavenged asphalt product
can pose an additional threat as it can
trigger the regeneration of H2S. The resulting
reaction can significantly increase HSE
hazards and operational risks if not
properly treated. sulfix-ppa-resistant-h2s-scavenger-program-for-asphalt-slsh.pdf