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Get your copy of "Octopus retrievable slimhole ESP packer"

The patented Octopus™ retrievable
slimhole electrical submersible
pumping system packer (SH ESP
packer)—the industry’s first concentric
ESP packer built for casing and liners 5 in.
and smaller—provides customers with a
reliable and, flexible solution for deploying
and retrieving a qualified well barrier in slim
inside diameter (ID) applications. Unlike
small-size conventional ESP packers that
have an eccentric design, the new Octopus
SH ESP packer features a concentric design
to keep it centered in the wellbore during
run-in and retrieval. This significantly reduces
the risk of hang-ups, making the packer ideal
for deep, deviated, and/or lateral wells. Octopus-retrievable-slimhole-ESP-packer-slsh.pdf