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An operator in the Rockies was facing
many problems with their low-pressure,
plunger lift-assisted gas wells. Frequent
slickline jobs were being performed to
clean out the wells and confirm if and
when the tubing needed to be replaced.
After pulling the tubing, the team found
severe iron sulfide (FeS) buildup on the
inner wall of the casing and outer surface
of the tubing, as well as solid deposition
on the inside of the production tubing.
See Figure 1. Additionally, the wells were
designed with multizone completions,
causing incompatible produced waters
to mix from the different zones and form
calcium carbonate and barium sulfate
scale. In need of a safe and economical
chemical treatment to combat these
ongoing challenges, the operator
reached out to multiple service providers
for a new solution. FUSE-WCW3444-triple-combo-product-Rockies_cs.pdf