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Sulfur removal continues to be an ongoing
problem for midstream and downstream
operations, especially with more
complex sulfur compounds that cannot
be removed with traditional chemical
scavenger solutions. This challenge
becomes more prevalent with the
implementation of the US Environmental
Protection Agency’s (EPA) Tier 3 gasoline
sulfur reduction standards that will
require the average sulfur content in a
gasoline pool to be reduced from 30 ppm
(previous Tier 2 standards) to 10 ppm,
effective Jan. 1, 2017. The installation
of a hydrotreater is a long-term solution
that involves years of development lead
time and extensive CAPEX and OPEX
investments. Operators that do not have
an adequate solution by the deadline will
have to default to alternative methods
such as purchasing sulfur credits to
meet compliance or choosing to process
different streams that have lower
product value to avoid these more
complex sulfur compounds. EXALT-sulfur-extraction-service-slsh.pdf