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Get your copy of "Diamond PAQ HT VES System"

The Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE) Diamond PAQ™ HT fluid system is a high-temperature, water-based,
zwitterionic polymer-free viscoelastic surfactant (VES) system designed for gravel packing oil and gas reservoirs.
It is especially applicable where minimizing formation damage and maximizing proppant and gravel pack permeability are of primary importance. Building upon the success of the Diamond PAQ system, the Diamond PAQ HT fluid system was designed to address the need
for a more robust VES system at higher temperatures while maintaining the benefits of the traditional VES
fluids – namely, low formation and proppant pack damage, outstanding
fluid compatibility, and excellent
sand suspension. Diamond-PAQ-HT-High-temp-Fluid-System-improve-proppant-transport-slsh.pdf