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Get your copy of "MR eXplorer magnetic resonance logging service"

The MR eXplorer™ (MReX™) instrument, from Baker Hughes,
a GE company (BHGE), responds to hydrogen protons in the
pore fluids present in the formation. The MReX instrument uses
static and pulsed radio frequency (RF) magnetic fields to make
downhole spin-echo magnetic resonance measurements. Initially,
the MReX instrument aligns, or polarizes, the hydrogen protons
in the formation fluid to its static magnet. The MReX instrument
then applies an RF magnetic field to rotate or “tip” the protons. The
initial, or α, pulse “tips” the protons perpendicular to the static field.
The instrument then applies a secondary, or β, pulse to rephase
the protons, generating a measurable signal called a spin echo at a
time designated as TE. The MReX instrument continues to apply a
series of secondary pulses at equal time interval, with each pulse
generating a spin echo. The important information measured by the
MReX instrument is contained in the echoes. mrex-bro.pdf