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Drilling land-based unconventional, deviated, and lateral wells often presents significant
operational and logistical difficulties, predominantly wellbore instability and low rates of
penetration (ROP) due to increased friction, torque, and drag. The time and costs associated
with fluid maintenance, product transportation, and storage are additional concerns.
Traditionally, the use of oil-based mud (OBM) was preferred for these challenging wells.
Although OBMs provide inhibitive and lubricious characteristics, they pose environmental
risks and logistical downsides. With the LATIDRILL™ high-performance water-based
fluid system, Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), offers a competitive, water-based
fluid alternative to address operational and performance needs in challenging wells, while
offering exceptional environmental, logistical, and economic benefits.
The LATIDRILL system consists of a trio of core products that work together: LATIBASE™
multifunctional additive, LATIMAGIC™ wellbore stabilizer and lubricant, and
LATIRATE™ ROP enhancer. latidrill-bro.pdf