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Get your copy of "Vanguard premium tricone drill bits"

Vanguard™ tricone drill bit products mark the first use of
stabilized high aspect ratio (HAR) sealed precision bearings. HAR
elastomer seals are specially treated to reduce seal wear and
increase protection against fluid infiltration. Also available are
metal-sealed long-life bearings that provide added protection in
high-speed and high-temperature applications. Engineers have the
flexibility to choose the appropriate bearing seal option to suit any
application need. Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), has been
the leading drill bit provider for the global oil and gas exploration
industry for over 100 years. These flagship tricone bits utilize nextgeneration
technology with incredible versatility. Vanguard designs
are predicated on balance between bearing, cutters, and body
integrity. Drilling Application Review Team (DART) closely analyzes
the application and selects the optimum combination of features
to create the most efficient and durable bit for a specific formation.
Essentially, the right bit for the right application. vanguard1-bro.pdf