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A major operator working in the Middle
East was experiencing well loss challenges
when drilling through a difficult interbedded
section. The 16-in. section, which comprised
limestone, sandstone, and shale formations,
was extremely hard and abrasive. To
minimize the risk of losses, high-weight mud
was used, but this significantly reduced
ROP and the operator needed to use two
tungsten carbide insert (TCI) roller cone
bits to complete the section. The operator
had then tried to improve ROP through
the section by using PDC bits, but without
success. Concerned about this drilling cost
and, believing it was possible to drill the
entire 2,721 ft (829 m) section, shoe-to-shoe,
in one run, the operator asked Baker Hughes,
a GE company (BHGE), for a solution. kymera-xtreme-improved-rop-138-percent-middle-east-cs.pdf