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Next Generation of Energy Leaders

People leaders comprise approximately 6,000 employees at BHGE. They play a critical role in our success by effectively translating business priorities and vision into action to directly and positively impact employee engagement and performance.

Each month, all of our people leaders are invited to join a strategy meeting called the Keystone Forum with our executives from around the globe. Together they participate in discussions about business strategy, technology, customer opportunities and best-practice employee engagement.

Our people leaders are accountable to connect, empower and motivate their teams to action, understanding they have an instrumental role in partnering with employees to advance their development and reach their career goals.


In 2018, we launched our new entry-level leadership program, ASPIRE, which targets 50% gender diversity, the same target that we apply to all of our leadership programs, including our accelerated leadership program IMPACT. While gender balance is important across all generations, it is particularly important to attract more women into the oil and gas industry straight out of university.


IMPACT is a new BHGE leadership program. It is designed to help experienced leaders deliver impact and accelerate business expertise, as well as promote our cultural values alongside people leadership competencies.

To increase rigor and process around our people leader succession reviews and expectations, we created a new Talent Council that focuses specifically on executive talent development and launched a Destination Planning Program for high-potential female employees.

STEM Education as Our Way Forward

Attracting new talent, and retaining and developing our existing workforce will continue to be a priority in 2019 and beyond. To ensure we build the next generation of energy leaders, we are focused on student populations.

We partner with universities as well as with primary and secondary schools to inspire and encourage students to pursue science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. Our outreach and engagement include many diverse activities, such as curriculum support, skill sharing, robotics competitions, as well as career guidance and mentoring. These partnerships offer learning opportunities for students and help demonstrate that the energy industry is an exciting place to work.

Students in the GirlsGetSET STEM club in Cramlington, England, supported by BHGE volunteers, receive Industrial Cadets’ bronze-level accreditation from the Engineering Development Trust, an UK non-profit focused on STEM careers.

Robust communities and education systems are essential to a strong and diverse workforce and for our future prosperity. We recognize the need to increase access to quality education and STEM curriculum, especially among girls and students from under-represented or disadvantaged backgrounds. BHGE participates in and leads a number of girls-focused STEM programs, including GirlsGetSET, an initiative targeting girls aged 11 to 18 that has trained more than 4,500 girls to date through the support of BHGE volunteers in Scotland. BHGE also has worked with Rice University’s IBB Girls STEM Initiative, a preparatory program designed to immerse economically disadvantaged female high school students in mentoring and learning activities to prepare them for college pursuits and STEM careers.

BHGE Oil & Gas University

BHGE operates an Oil & Gas University out of our Florence Learning Center in Italy to train and develop top talent from across the industry—both inside and outside our company. Over the course of four months each year, select candidates benefit from a comprehensive learning program that combines managerial and technical training. The interactive program simultaneously builds leadership skills — such as effective communication, project management and inclusive culture building — while also providing familiarity with specific technical processes and industry trends.

At the end of the program, graduates have acquired a broad understanding of the full oil and gas value chain, as well as operational know-how for advanced equipment and cutting-edge digital solutions. The combination of breadth and depth enables them to better perform in their everyday work and prepares them to grow into future leaders in the industry.

Since its launch in 2005, the Oil & Gas University has trained more than 1,100 professionals from 140 companies and from 39 nationalities as part of its resident course held in Florence and 19 localized sessions organized in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

We are proud to be helping our customers and partners build the oil and gas workforce of the future.