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Small-Scale Modules

Small-Scale Modules

LNG modular plants offer low commissioning time and costs

BHGE’s small-scale LNG modular plants are built on our wealth of experience in the field. Standardized plug and play designs and a simplified plant control system mean faster plant commissioning times and reduced installation costs.

Small-scale LNG modular plants offer reduced commissioning time and costs

  • From design to engineering and manufacturing, BHGE offers skid-mounted small-scale solutions to provide a cleaner, abundant fuel source. Available with four distinct refrigeration cycles, the plant’s design and equipment selection can be customized to meet your production requirements. Our fully-modular design applies standardized components and a simplified, proprietary plant control system to reduce plant commissioning time, maintenance needs and installation costs, while enhancing plant operability and efficiency. BHGE instills a wealth of liquefied natural gas (LNG) expertise in our small-scale LNG modular plants. Designed for a variety of remote power, utility, and transportation applications, this fully integrated, plug-and-play natural gas liquefaction plant can produce between 25 and 1,200 k/gallons of LNG per day.


    BHGE’s engineering capabilities and advanced diagnostic resources are complimented by expert teams of Field Service Engineers who can quickly mobilize to deliver the highest quality service whenever you need it. They draw from the same engineering knowledge base that went into designing our small-scale LNG Liquefaction plants. Their technical fluency is second to none. All our products are fully supported by one of the industry’s most comprehensive global networks of manufacturing, testing and service facilities. Through these sites and various strategic partnerships worldwide, we are able to be closer to our customers and contribute to local economies and skills development in the countries and communities where we operate.

    BHGE Capital’s flexible financing solutions have helped over 300,000 businesses across North America—and more worldwide—obtain the equipment they need. Our competitive rates and flexible payment options will make your system acquisition easy to manage while contributing to your continued business growth.

    Capabilities include:

    • Start-up & commissioning supervision
    • Overhaul and inspection
    • 24/7 emergency response & technical support
    • Upgrades & technology injections
    • Portable diagnostics
    • Customized Service Packages
    • Rapid parts availability

    BHGE Oil & Gas leverages their vast engineering expertise in process and design to help customers choose the best process for their specific application.

    EXP Cycle

    • Single cycle compression expansion refrigeration process using self-boil-off gas as refrigerant or a single refrigerant such as nitrogen
    • Minimal amount of equipment at cryogenic temperatures

    Mixed Refrigerant Cycles: Pre-cooled (PCMR) and Single Cycle (SCMR)

    • SCMR uses a mixed refrigerant composed of nitrogen, methane, ethane (or ethylene and propane) and butanes
    • SCMR pre-cooling circuit is removed for larger production LNG plants than PCMR
    • PCMR uses a conventional refrigeration circuit (ammonia or propane) for pre-cooling
    • Up to 30% more efficient than EXP Cycle


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