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Large-Scale Modules

Large-Scale Modules

Integrated and tailored to customer needs

Industry-leading module capabilities make the difference between ‘a collection of acceptable parts’ and ‘the creation of an exceptional whole.’

  • Pre-configured and fully tested power-generation and compression modules with all equipment and auxiliaries integrated and tailored to customer needs. We also provide full functional and operational setup to minimize installation risk and reduce on-site time and costs by up to 30%.

    BHGE has been systematically evolving module turbomachinery design since 1985, and we’ve now supplied nearly 50 pre-assembled power generation and compression modules to sites around the world. We create the most efficient solutions tailored to meet all the unique weight, space, power distribution and performance requirements of each project. All engineering, design, project management, installation and maintenance are part of the solution.

    In addition to fully customized, project-specific modules, we also have a unique portfolio of pre-designed modules with a variety of configuration options and remarkable flexibility. The flagship is SeaSmart – continually evolved with direct engineering input from our most proactive customers. Each generation is smaller, lighter, more powerful and smarter than the last.

    Our modules deliver impressive capabilities in remarkably compact configurations. Individually proven in the industry’s most extreme conditions, all core equipment is seamlessly integrated with relevant auxiliary systems. The final engineered solution is connected, wired and validated before delivery. Any necessary third-party suppliers have already been rigorously screened and qualified to the highest quality standards. Their balance-of-plant equipment is integrated by our engineers at the system-design stage.

    We continually invest significant resources in materials, aerodynamics and every other conceivable area – including perhaps the most important one of testing and qualification. We also work closely with key industry-leading clients to ensure that our direction is always true to their needs and where the industry overall is moving.


    Analysis and design to ensure that the concept can be executed

    • Erection and testing static analysis
    • Land and sea transport analysis
    • Lifting, jacking and skidding analysis
    • In-service static analysis
    • Blast analysis
    • Modal and dynamic response analysis
    • Fatigue analysis
    • Design for operability and maintenance
    • Space management – interference checks
    • Robust design review process (30%-60%-90%)
    • Construction studies

    Single-source engineered solutions

    • Fully integrated engineering approach at the system level
    • Conceptual and process design, instrumentation and control design, electrical systems design
    • 3D modeling of piping and structures
    • Materials management fully integrated with 3D modeling
    • Structural dynamic analysis of modules and foundation
    • Design for transportation, including fatigue analysis
    • Maximized prefabrication enables far less on-site installation, construction and testing
    • Comprehensive commissioning and start-up services
    • Effective management and coordination at every phase of the project

    Full quality and functional control

    • Core equipment
    • Piping
    • Wiring
    • Control systems
    • Auxiliary systems

    The Chevron-operated Gorgon Project

    • An industrial module is an optimized configuration of machines and additional components for the compression of gas or the generation of electrical power. The five modules assembled in the BHGE Avenza plant will produce electricity for operating the LNG (liquefied natural gas) plant on Barrow Island (Australia) as part of the Gorgon project.


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