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BHGE Mixed Reality is an innovative and unique software solution that greatly enhances the capability of augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) devices, transforming futuristic toys into powerful industrial tools. This new technology provides the capability to create highly complex 3D environments, which can be experienced by multiple users at full human scale.

Our Mixed Reality solution has been used to enable virtual field visits, and has been applied to a threat response drill involving a well control scenario. BHGE Mixed Reality provides a collaborative, immersive training experience allowing users to interact with a full-scale virtual rig site and evaluate their response to hazardous situations, enhancing process safety capabilities.

Now, we are working with customers to use this technology for facility design, planning and reviews. The ability to walk through a virtual facility provides a more powerful method to assess engineering design, perform hazard assessments and evaluate human factors. Our customers recognize the value in our technology’s capability to reduce CAPEX and operational risk, and minimize travel costs and carbon footprint by enabling more effective remote collaboration in the design process. Our BHGE Mixed Reality can also be used to improve training on equipment and processes, reducing risk for less experienced personnel.