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Monetize Gas with Alternative Transportation Between the Source and the User

  • The virtual natural gas pipeline replicates the continuous flow of a static physical pipeline, working where physical pipelines cannot monetize gas where there are moving and changing supply and demand centers.

    Development within natural gas is often varied from project to project. Using a flexible and diverse approach, a virtual pipeline system will allow for gas transport where the physical pipeline network is immature or nonexistent. Gas is processed and compressed at its source location, and made readily available for diesel replacement and other fueling needs. The compressed or liquefied gas can be transported to another location for use, in applications ranging from industrial power generation to NGV fueling.

    Scalable and modular, virtual pipelines utilize rail, road or port shipment to provide the reliable, unique and flexible augmentation of the physical pipeline network that is necessary to monetize natural gas for diesel replacement or any other fueling need.



    BHGE’s engineering capabilities and advanced diagnostic resources are complemented by expert teams of Field Service Engineers who can quickly mobilize to deliver the highest quality service whenever you need it. They draw from the same engineering knowledge base that went into designing our compressors and engines, as well as our CNG In A Box™ system and our Small-Scale LNG plants. 

    All our products are supported by one of the industry’s most comprehensive global networks of manufacturing, testing and service facilities. Through these sites and various strategic partnerships worldwide, we are able to be closer to our customers and contribute to local economies and skills development in the countries and communities where we operate.

    Capabilities include:

    • Start-up & commissioning supervision
    • Overhaul and inspection
    • 24/7 emergency response & technical support
    • Upgrades & technology injections
    • Portable diagnostics
    • Rapid parts availability

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