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Run your operations smoothly and cost-effectively

  • Safety valves play an important role in keeping people and equipment safe, and ours are known for their exceptional quality, performance, and dependability.

    With a range of styles, models, options, and configurations, BHGE’s Consolidated safety valves are reliable in even the most demanding applications. They comply with the ASME Section I code for boiler applications and are built with many features that meet ASME requirements for steam-compressible fluids.

    Get the support you need, as well, with our Consolidated Green Tag Centers (GTC). These comprise one of the broadest OEM service networks in the industry, with responsive and effective service through OEM-certified repairs, ValvKeep* valve management and maintenance software, and the EVT* Pro, an electronic valve testing device.

    We work closely with customers and regulatory organizations to configure, engineer and manufacture safety valves that can help maintain safer operating conditions in a full range of environments.

    Our safety valves have numerous advantages, such as: 

    • High-quality and dependable for safer operating conditions
    • A wide range of styles, models, options, and configurations for a variety of applications
    • ASME Section I compliance
    • Lower operational costs with less downtime
    • Comprehensive service with a fast response

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