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  • As the premier partner for industry-leading gearing solutions, BHGE has added the technology and expertise of Lufkin™ transmissions and Allen Gears™ to our portfolio. The goal? To deliver the high performance gearing solutions and services to solve your most complex power transmission challenges. With more than 250 years of combined expertise, you can unlock new possibilities for powering your business—anywhere in the world.

    When it comes to gear box performance, speed and power matter. That’s why we draw on next-generation materials, technology and advanced manufacturing processes to meet your mechanical drive, turbo and marine propulsion needs. With a modular design approach, our expert engineers work with you to customize the ideal gearing solution, including parallel shaft, right-angle, epicyclic and integral configurations. So you get optimal performance, ensured compliance, and reliability—all right-sized for your business.

    Boost uptime and improve performance, while driving down the cost of maintenance of your equipment. From design and manufacturing to installation and repairs, our gearing solutions transmit power from engines, electric motors, turbines and compressors around the world. And with 24/7 global support, our certified experts are ready to deliver unmatched service—whenever and wherever you need it. So you can reduce risk and keep things moving at the speed of business.

    Our gearboxes provide many advantages, such as:

    • Improved speed, power, and performance
    • Increased quality, reliability, and efficiency
    • Customized solutions tailored to your needs
    • Reduced risk and downtime
    • 24/7 expert support when you need it—anywhere in the world
    • Ensured regulatory compliance



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