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Globe Control Valves

Globe Control Valves

Quality combined with expert service

BHGE’s globe valves can handle a wide variety of process control applications. There are with many optional packages available that can help reduce noise, vibration and contain cavitation.

Complete Service, Fast Response

  • Quality products combined with expert service have made GE an industry innovator for more than a century, and BHGE’s Masoneilan Authorized Repair Centers (MARCs) are a part of that leadership legacy. With more than 75 service facilities located in more than 30 countries worldwide -- we operate one of the most complete service networks in the industry, so you can rely on a location near you for convenience and responsiveness. In addition to having the technical expertise and product knowledge, BHGE’s MARC operations are outfitted with the right tooling to inspect, diagnose, repair and recalibrate your equipment.

    Some of the benefits when using our Control Valves System:

    • Balanced trim design
    • Smaller actuators reduce overall assembly size and weight

    • Heavy cage-guided construction

    • Heavy guiding of the plug enhances throttling control performance

    • Few soft goods…reliability & low maintenance

    • Standard solutions to control noise, cavitation & valve leakage

    • Versatile valve technology

    • Robust construction

    • Long-term smooth operation

    • Process control and high process yields

    Range of Services:

    • Commissioning - Startup assistance to help confirm that equipment is performing to expected specifications
    • Mechanical Inspection-Providing detailed reports of mechanical conditions
    • Valve Repair-Returning your valves to “like new” condition
    • Shut Down Planning-Helping to reduce outage or turnaround times
    • OEM Parts-Certified original manufacturer parts that meet the highest standards
    • Asset Management-Innovative ValvKeep asset management software

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