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Pipeline repair products for natural gas piping systems

BHGE’s Dresser™ pipe repair products are designed for quick sealing of leaks, cracks, and breaks in your pipeline. BHGE offers customers an array of high-pressure repair products to effectively tackle the most challenging pipeline application problems. 

Solving problems with high-quality materials

  • Our gas pipeline repair fittings are used to join and repair pipe, fix pinhole leaks and cracks, and reinforce connections for pipeline integrity. This portfolio of includes collar clamps and bell joint clamps, band clamps and 360-degree clamps, high-pressure clamps, split repair sleeves, high-pressure repair sleeves reinforcing sleeves and encasement sleeves and are ruggedly built and made of high-quality materials. 

    • High-quality materials and rugged construction help assure the performance of our pipe repair products
    • Products are specifically engineered for fast, simple application and long-term performance
    • Dresser compounded rubber gaskets deliver the sealing capabilities and flexibility associated with our clamps and sleeves
    • Clamps available for steel and cast iron pipes

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