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Seal & restraining joints on any Steel & P.E. pipe

BHGE offers Dresser™ seal and restraining fittings for natural gas piping systems. Our pipe joining products are available to provide only a seal at the pipe joint or to provide both sealing and restraint against pipe pullout.

Satisfying a range of pipe materials

  • Seal only pipe joining fittings and bolted couplings are available to accommodate a range of pipe materials. Seal only and seal only insulating products are available to electrically isolate sections of piping for cathodically protected systems.

    • Dresser AL-CLAD™ fusion bonded epoxy coating is offered as standard. Tough, corrosion-resistant coating extends fitting life
    • Dresser gaskets are rubber-compounded material that will not deteriorate from age or exposure to air under normal use conditions
    • Fittings available for Steel and PE piping connections 

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