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Turbine Gas Meters

Turbine Gas Meters

Innovative design measurement

BHGE’s Dresser turbine gas meters helps reduce installation and maintenance costs while improving measurement accuracy.

Dependable gas meter operations

  • Our meters are designed to measure gas velocity and the operating principle incorporates an innovative method of conditioning the flow before it reaches the turbine rotor. Dresser™ turbine meters use a Removable Meter Cartridge (RMC), which allows field adaptability from 2” through 12” sizes.

    • Easy “on-site” maintenance.
    • Reduced cost of repair by replacing the RMC without the need for total meter overhaul.
    • Oil refreshing and flushing lubrication system assures optimum accuracy and extended bearing life.
    • Product life enhanced by a self-cleaning oil system.
    • Reduced sensitivity to severe gas conditions.
    • Precision machined rotor, superior components.
    • Multi-stage flow conditioner.
    • Main bearing location provides improved protection from pipeline contaminants

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