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Magnetic Bearings Technology

Magnetic Bearings Technology

Bearings are essential to any mechanical equipment. Superior bearings can help deliver high performance to your equipment. BHGE offers leading precision tilting pad bearings, built on the heritage of RMT technology.

Features and benefits

  • Our expert design and advanced manufacturing delivers reliable, high performance bearings that support the high loads and high speeds your application requires. Our bearings are designed and manufactured to run cool and deliver long life to your operation. We offer: 

    • Sleeve Bearings
    • Reduced Temperature Sleeve Bearings
    • Tilting Pad Thrust Bearings (Self Equalizing or Non-Self Equalizing)
    • Tilting Pad Journal Bearings 
    • Economy Thrust Bearings
    • Combo Journal/Thrust Bearings 
    • Squeeze Film Damper Bearings
    • Custom Bearings
    • And seals

    We offer customer deep expertise in bearing design to help ensure that we deliver a solution that maximizes your operations. From project conception through manufacturing and installation, our team of rotordynamics and bearing experts will create a bearing solution that meets your specifications. 


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Contact an Expert