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Low Carbon Technology

Innovating for the Future

Technology is a core differentiator for us. Our disciplined approach to product development allows us to continue our technology leadership and drive returns on our investments. Teams across our organization have adopted an agile approach to develop, test and commercialize new technologies with speed.

global patents issued

new product launches

In 2018, we increased our research and development investment by 10% to $700 million, introduced more than 100 new products and received approximately 2,700 patents globally. We also launched our U.S. Energy Innovation Center, a fully functional R&D center focused on commercializing new technology through a network of start-ups and incubators.

There also is a tremendous opportunity for the energy industry to work together in partnership with others to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon future. For instance, we regularly collaborate with various NGOs, institutions and universities on topics of shared importance. This includes the Stanford University Natural Gas Initiative, designed to generate the knowledge needed to use natural gas to its greatest social, economic and environmental benefit.

Additionally, in early 2019, BHGE’s Gaffney, Cline & Associates established a new Carbon Management Practice to help governments, energy companies and the financial community understand and solve energy transition issues related to oil and gas resources, assets and investments:

  • set baseline emissions and quantifying the value of carbon management,
  • assess the viability of carbon solutions that avoid, reduce, replace, offset or sequester greenhouse gas emissions, and
  • validate performance for accreditation and benchmarking for the industry.

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