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Reliable power built for reliable results

As the heart of your entire operation, your gas turbine should be reliable, fast, and energy-efficient. The BHGE LM9000, based on BHGE Aviation’s GE90-115B Boeing 777 engine, delivers the power you need.

Powering greater safety and efficiency

  • The LM9000’s 65+ MW class, free-power turbine enables high-efficiency power and speeds over a wide range of ambient conditions. While ideal for mechanical drive, the LM9000 is also well suited for simple-cycle (peaking, mid-merit, baseload), cogeneration, and combined-cycle power generation.

    With a mechanical-drive speed range of 2,400 to 3,780 rpm, 43% simple-cycle efficiency, and over 80% efficiency in cogeneration configuration, this turbine can deliver a precise, dependable, safe, and flexible energy supply.

    The LM9000 simplifies LNG plant design and associated CAPEX by eliminating the need for a helper motor, therefore allowing LNG train startup in the loaded (pressurized) condition without venting process gas. Its DLE technology enables dual fuel capability and reduces NOx emissions while eliminating water use in emissions abatement.

    Our LM9000 gas turbine offers the best availability and lowest total cost of ownership. Its modular package design enables shorter manufacturing cycles and faster installation, with lower installed and operational costs than field-erected units. With high efficiency and longer maintenance intervals, you can reduce operational costs related to fuel and maintenance, compared to a non-BHGE DLE aeroderivative gas turbine.

    The LM9000 has a variety of advantages including:

    • Lower maintenance intervals and easier access
    • Greater fuel flexibility and lower emissions
    • High efficiency across a wide operating range
    • Lowest cost of ownership for 65 MW

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