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A great machine continues to get better

The LM6000-PF+ aeroderivative gas turbine with DLE combustion technology can offer the best cost per kilowatt in its power class. It delivers excellent reliability and fuel flexibility in both power generation and mechanical-drive applications, whether installed onshore or offshore. 

  • Exceptional metrics

    • 42.7% efficiency, simple cycle
    • Startup in 5 minutes
    • Full power in 10 minutes or less
    • Pressurized LNG compressor startup capability without helper motor assistance


    One of the biggest realities in today’s global market is that efficiency has a direct and critical correlation with an operation’s success. The PF+ is designed specifically with that fact in mind, providing more power with an efficiency that’s nearly a point higher than our old technology. And the design is tuned to make combined cycle highly practical, which is a key factor, especially in parts of Southeast Asia, Africa and South America. The excellent thermal efficiency, high starting torque, and nearconstant efficiency over a wide range of ambient temperatures (from 50-100°F/10-37°C) make the PF+ ideal for LNG plants and other energy-intensive processes. The PF+ is optimized for mechanical drive in LNG applications — including the ability to start a settled compressor train with no need for a helper motor. With speed flexibility ranging from 50% to 105%, the PF+ can meet ever-changing energy demands to deliver significant cost savings.



    At BHGE Aviation’s facility, every gas turbine is tested to full speed and full load before it’s shipped. This ensures the required performance, power, heat rate and exhaust energy are met. At the BHGE Oil & Gas test facility in Massa, the entire gas turbine package and control system can be set up exactly as it will be used in the final installation. This allows us to validate the complete turbo compressor/turbo generator system design. After commissioning at the customer’s facility, our commitment continues through a wide range of contractual service agreements and 13 fully equipped service centers around the world — providing the local resources and expertise needed to minimize plant downtime and life-cycle costs. We also have Level 4 service shops strategically located around the world that are capable of full tear-down and reassembly.

    Faster installation & easier maintenance

    The modularized design and advanced composite materials were keys to reducing overall package weight and size -  vital for FPSO and FLNG installations. That’s why the PF+ is delivered in a complete package to cut installation time by about 30%. Everything is pre-assembled, factory tested and verified before delivery, including all electronics, controls, and other auxiliary skids, enhancing operability and maintenance performance. The optimized turbine enclosure simplifies access for faster planned maintenance, easier turbine replacement and future upgrades. A variety of other features contribute to simplified maintenance procedures, as well as improved ergonomics and safety.

    Proven design
    The PF+ is built on one of our most advanced turbines in this size range — with over 20 years of proven global experience from our fleet of LM6000-PH and -PF aeroderivatives. We have over 1,100 LM6000 units around the world (including 340 in combined cycle and CHP arrangements for base load operation) with more than 31 million combined operating hours. The strongest design traits from each generation of the LM6000 have been carried into the PF+. The addition of our latest tested and proven technologies improve maintainability, availability, and performance, while enabling variable speed operation from 50 to 105%.
    When it comes to practical in-field needs and wants — the PF+ is truly in a league of its own. In addition to our own design inputs, a big part of the PF+ success story is that we’ve drawn on a lot of ideas from LM6000 users. In that sense, it’s not only a creation of BHGE, but a creation of everyone who operates one. Its simple two-spool design reduces complexity for simplified maintenance and robust rotor thrust balance.

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