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Investing in our Workforce

We support employees across the various stages of their career path at BHGE: from recruitment, compensation and benefits to ongoing training and development. Preparing for the future of work starts with how we attract a workforce of top global talent.


To take the energy industry forward in the digital industrial age, we need to bring together the best minds and technology to meet new challenges. This requires a talented, diverse and passionate workforce from all corners of the globe.

Technology will both enable our ability to meet growing energy demand and transform the future of work. Our employee roles are expanding from geologists, petroleum engineers and data scientists to include programmers, robotics experts and coders, allowing us to expand our capabilities into new frontiers. We successfully hired more than 9,000 candidates into the company over the past year.

We are in the process of launching a new Employee Referral Program to incentivize our employees to recommend top talent and are implementing recruitment campaigns to increase the diversity of our people and roles overall. For example, in the United Arab Emirates, we launched a Return to Careers program aimed at identifying and training women who have left employment but want to return to work.

To celebrate our first full year as BHGE in July 2018, leaders hosted employee events across the globe.

To celebrate our first full year as BHGE in July 2018, leaders hosted employee events across the globe. Pictured above is Lorenzo Simonelli, chairman and CEO, and Uwem Ukpong, chief global operations officer, at an anniversary celebration in Houston, TX

Compensation and Benefits

We are proud to offer all our employees an industry-competitive comprehensive benefits package and a broad-based bonus plan.

Our benefits programs are designed to help our diverse workforce through stages of life based on individual and family needs—from living a healthy lifestyle and addressing a range of health concerns to protecting income and saving for retirement. In 2018, we began harmonizing our legacy company benefits programs across our organization to fit our new, combined workforce.

We provide a wide range of competitive and flexible options to support both the preventative and ongoing healthcare needs of our employees and their families.

In the second half of 2018, we also established clear criteria within our annual bonus plan for how we measure and assess our leaders on being a leader of choice, including how they contribute to BHGE’s culture by fostering diversity and inclusion.

To ensure we are constantly growing and adapting to our changing workforce, we regularly conduct gender pay gap analyses and take actions to help close gaps that are identified.

Lifelong Learning and Development

At BHGE, continuous learning is a key priority. We empower our employees to further their knowledge and domain expertise, as well as to develop the skills needed for professional and personal growth.

In 2018, we started to design our new learning and development curriculum built on the rich learning heritage of our legacy companies, pilot programs and employee feedback. The curriculum will allow each employee to own his or her unique learning and career journey by providing tools to be successful. We have three dedicated learning centers across the company:

  • Western Hemisphere Education Center (Tomball, TX, USA)
  • Florence Learning Center (Florence, Italy)
  • Eastern Hemisphere Education Center (Dubai, UAE)

BHGE also has a variety of satellite and technical training centers in locations such as Montrose, UK; Houston, TX, USA; Oklahoma City, OK, USA; Celle, Germany; and Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

Web-based training and learning programs also offer additional flexibility and accessibility for our employees. We introduced a new career development digital platform that employees can use to grow and sustain skills, competencies and capabilities needed to thrive at BHGE.

In 2018, employees completed over 650,000 HSE training hours that consisted of more than 850 courses. More than 5,200 employees participated in leadership training, with more than 244 participating in the nomination-only management training for the company’s senior-most executives.

Advancing Workforce Health and Well-Being

We strive to create an environment that promotes the importance of well-being and encourages all employees to be accountable for their health. We look for ways to enable healthy choices through local and country-specific efforts, such as setting up clinics where in 2018 we administered more than 2,800 flu shots at 39 sites, providing gym benefits and promoting health awareness campaigns. Additionally, we contribute to a healthy community through employee outreach and charitable giving. For instance, The Baker Hughes Foundation contributes to the American Heart Association’s project in Africa: Saving Children’s Lives—Pediatric Emergency Assessment Resuscitation and Stabilization (PEARS®). We believe safeguarding and improving the health and well-being of our workforce is in the best interest of BHGE and companies across our industry. A few highlights of our activities:  

Tobacco-Free Policy

The BHGE Global Tobacco-Free Policy is designed to provide a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly work environment for all employees by reducing risks from exposure to smoke and providing education and support to those who want to quit tobacco. The policy prohibits the sale and use of smoking and smokeless tobacco as well as electronic cigarettes and vaporizers at our locations and in company vehicles. All worksites are expected to align to the policy by January 1, 2020.

Global Health and Well-being Week

In May 2018, we hosted our first Global Health and Well-Being Week, which kicked off with a video series featuring our leaders sharing their personal health priorities. This was followed by a series of health webinars and an interactive global forum with our executive leaders on personal health and how managers can be a positive influence on the health of their employees.


We recognize the mental health and well-being of our employees is just as important as their physical health. We provide all employees with the ability to engage in mindfulness through free digital programming. We also partnered with the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Health Committee to help develop learning sessions to enhance awareness of mindfulness and its health benefits.

Health Awareness in Sub Saharan Africa

Our HSE, HR and Operations teams partnered to elevate the awareness of preventable diseases and facilitate employee lifestyle behavioral changes to reduce personal health risks by increasing the use of preventive medical benefits.

Our leaders launched a region-wide health campaign targeting employees and their families. It promoted overall health and set a 90% employee medical exam target by year-end. Employees received ongoing wellness messages on key topics, were provided with biometric screenings at worksite health kiosks, and participated in worksite health events led by site Health Champions. This holistic approach allowed us to reach our medical exam goal for the region as we work to build a sustainable culture of health.