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Optimize hot-melt adhesive application and performance

Our low molecular-weight polymers and waxes dramatically improve the application and performance of hot-melt adhesive (HMA) formulations based on ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers or metallocene polyolefins. The superior chemistry and melt characteristics offered by our  POLYWAX™ polyethylenes, VYBAR™ polymers, and microcrystalline waxes allow you to customize your adhesive products. 

  • Enhance flow characteristics of high-viscosity resins

    Our polyethylene polymers offer low-melt viscosities so you can efficiently modify the viscosity of hot-melt adhesives. When used as diluents or additives in HMA systems, there is more effective blending of raw materials during the production phase. Additionally, your customer can achieve faster HMA application in end use.

    Customize open and set times

    The high crystalline nature of our polyethylene polymers drives fast recrystallization from the melt phase, enabling you to customize and control HMA system open and set-time properties. With fast recrystallization, bond green strength improves as well.

    Reduce high-temperature bond failure

    The ability for your HMAs to withstand a high temperature without bond failure is important for demanding applications. Our polyethylene polymers have the required properties of high melt points and limited low-melt ends.  

    The amorphous VYBAR polymers and microcrystalline waxes offer improved low-temperature flexibility for a range of HMA applications.

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