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MT Mid-sized Steam Turbine

MT Mid-sized Steam Turbine

Long-proven concept with latest advances in blade profiles

A robust turbine that combines a long-proven concept with the latest advances in blade profiles and steam path design to provide superior efficiency for power generation applications.

Providing a wide variety of plants with considerable installation and performance flexibility plus cost effectiveness

  • Efficient

    The fully customized steam path uses latest 3D airfoil designs, and a full range of top-efficiency rear stages yield optimal performance at any cold-end conditions. The simplified foundation design makes a significant impact on cost-effectiveness.


    A wide range of steam cycle options can be accommodated thanks to various sizes of control stage or scroll type inlets, and up to two additional steam admissions. The turbine is available in reheat or non-reheat configurations, with condensing or backpressure exhaust, and optional HP and LP steam extractions for industrial applications. Axial and downward exhaust options facilitate integration into almost any plant configuration.


    The MT’s outstanding reliability and availability are proven with over 25 years of service in Utility, IPP, and industrial applications. Reliability is enhanced through the pre-engineering and pre-testing aspects of our highly integrated, modular design.


    The MT is also designed with budget efficiency in mind, with numerous features that reduce cost in addition to their performance and reliability benefits. For example, the frame-mounted package simplifies transport and installation; the axial exhaust option enables low-level installation for reduced civil cost; and simplified power plant foundations reduce construction time.



    Subject to project-specific design and operating conditions, GE provides detailed maintenance recommendations to sustain the unit’s performance and integrity over the entire lifecycle. We also offer remote monitoring and diagnostic services to optimize performance and troubleshooting, as well as to support site engineers for day-to-day operation. Various contractual models are available, from individual transactions to long-term operation and maintenance contracts, to tailor the service to each customer’s unique requirements.

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