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GRT/HRT - Geared Reaction Steam Turbines

GRT/HRT - Geared Reaction Steam Turbines

Highly efficient, robust and compact turbine designed for generator-drive applications. With a flexible, modular design, the plug-and-play package reduces installation and commissioning time, as well as total cost.

Giving power plant operators the flexibility, reliability, and efficiency they need

  • Efficient

    Modern blading profiles provide superior efficiency, and partial arc admission with nozzle control allows for high full-load and part-load efficiency. Unit performance is well suited to modern biomass, high-efficiency power plants using biomass or other renewable resources, and combined cycle applications.


    Its modular concept provides multiple options for internally controlled extractions and a wide range of applications. Variable inlet configuration and fully customized steam path yield optimal performance for any application. Short start-up time and steep ramp rates provide maximum operational flexibility.

    Reliable and compact

    The GRT/HRT is designed with the latest proven technologies for reliable performance over varying operating profiles. The fully assembled unit is compact for easy transport by train or by truck, fitting standard container fixation points. The unit is suitable for floor mounting for simplified plant layout.


    Turbine and auxiliary modules are assembled at BHGE's factory, resulting in reduced transportation, installation and commissioning times. The floor-level installation design with axial condenser minimizes civil cost and building height. Rotor dynamics are optimized for a rigid foundation block to eliminate the need for a costly spring-mounted turbine table.

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