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ORC/TEX - Turboexpanders Organic Rankin Cycle

ORC/TEX - Turboexpanders Organic Rankin Cycle

Efficiently generate power from any gas turbine

The ORegen™ system captures exhaust heat from any gas turbine and efficiently generates power without additional fuel consumption, CO2 emissions or water usage. Moreover, it works at lower turbine loads than standard combined-cycle systems that use water and steam.

ORegen™ can supply part or all of a plant’s electric power with no additional fuel and no water usage

  • ORegen™ is a thermodynamic cycle based on the Rankine Cycle that uses an organic working fluid (ORC). It’s similar to a conventional steam bottoming cycle except that it uses a hydrocarbon fluid instead of water. It is composed of two closed loops: heat from the turbine exhaust is transferred to a closed diathermic oil loop, which is used to heat an organic fluid loop.

    The organic working fluid is pressurized, heated and vaporized, then it is expanded in the turboexpander and condensed using air-cooled condenser. A regenerator is added to improve the cycle efficiency. The turboexpander drives the generator to produce electrical power, and condensate is pumped back to the evaporator, closing the thermodynamic cycle. The heating and cooling sources are not in direct contact with the working fluid or the expander.

    A key factor for system performance was selection of the working fluid, which has a low freezing point and high temperature stability, low boiling point and high molecular weight, low environmental impact (low GWP), no additional EHS considerations, and is easily available at low cost.

    With ORegen,™ it is possible to efficiently generate electricity over a wide range of power output, from a few MW up to 16 MW per unit.

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