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  • The constant flow of heat from the Earth’s core offers an infinite, clean, renewable source of energy. While there are advantages to using geothermal energy, there are also concerns. The risk of logistics, economics, and environmental concerns has limited the growth of the geothermal field, even though there is enormous potential on a global scale. To mitigate these risks, the transfer of advances and best practices from the established oil and gas industry is key to reducing risk and cost.

    From exploration to generation, Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), draws on decades of geothermal experience, reliable equipment, and specialized technologies to safely and efficiently tap into this clean, renewable energy source. By harnessing sustainable geothermal energy safely and with less capital risk and well development cost, BHGE prudently maximizes production through experience and tools.

    To produce the highest impact on cost and time, BHGE offers extensive in-house expertise and manufacturing capabilities across the entire value chain, from exploration and drilling, through turbines and plant components, to engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC), digital solutions, and production.

    Available solutions provide

    • Reduced capital risks
    • Lower well development costs
    • Maximized geothermal production
    • Industry-superior drilling and completions technology

    Geothermal technologies from BHGE are backed by more than 40 years of innovation and experience. In Celle, Germany, the heart of high-temperature research and development is the BHGE Center for Geothermal Excellence. Here, BHGE designs and manufactures the geothermal industry’s most advanced service tools for you.

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