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ICL -Integrated Compressor Line

ICL -Integrated Compressor Line

Compact compression for limited spaces and zero-emission

Proven zero-emission compression in a compact and efficient package that is ideal for off/onshore and pipeline applications with space constrains

Ideal solutions for any applications with space constrains

  • The high efficiency, small footprint and low noise features of BHGE’s Integrated Compressor Line (ICL) make it the ideal solution for offshore applications. By saving up to 60% in space and footprint, the ICL can reduce structure cost, avoid additional deck space requirements or limit platform size requirements.

    Instead of a combustion engine, ICL has a high-speed electric motor fully integrated with the compressor in a single sealed casing. It’s a high-efficiency induction motor, proven by 4 million hours of successful operation over 15 years. The high speed electric motor is connected to a Variable Frequency Drive to regulate its speed. The rotor is levitated by active magnetic bearings (AMBs) and a precision control system. This eliminates parts contact and wear, lube oil systems and dry gas seals — so there are no fluids to leak or dispose of, and no depressurization required on shutdown, and dramatically improve safety by limiting the risk of fire. The AMB system also translates directly into higher reliability and availability — with 40% lower requested maintenance than a conventional compressor.

    The ICL package design is simple, widely accessible and approximately half the size of a conventional compressor. The motor and compressor casing are flanged tightly together so the unit does not require three-point skid mounting. Removing complex auxiliaries such as the lube oil system and dry gas seal panel reduces maintenance downtime, simplifies the noise enclosure design, and reduces the amount of noise produced to meet even the toughest regulations.

    ICL units have a much wider operating range than conventional compressors: 35-105% of nominal speed versus the typical 70-105% — and the ICL’s efficiency remains high and stable over the entire range. With 40% lower requested maintenance than conventional compressors, ICL provides exceptional reliability and availability no matter where it’s installed. And it does all this while producing zero emissions.


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