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HPRC Technology

HPRC Technology

Innovative HPRC technology in a lightweight, compact and cost-efficient package

A whole new way of thinking about compression

  • BHGE’s HPRC technology is based on an innovative architecture that combines unshrouded and shrouded impellers on a single highspeed shaft to achieve pressure ratios and efficiency levels higher than other
    available technologies.
    As result of the increased head per stage, HPRC units have a shorter bearing span that reduces the number of casings required. Applications that would typically require multiple compressor bodies will only need one with HPRC. Individual HPRC units are already smaller and lighter than traditional compressors, and the elimination of units per train is another giant improvement in overall plant footprint, reliability, availability and weight.

    Comprehensive testing

    The rigorous validation program comprised a variety of tests on machine integrity, compressor performance, operability and response to upset conditions:

    • Full load compressor performance
    • Extensive rotor-dynamic test campaign
    • Aeromechanical test at different suction pressure levels
    • Test of upset conditions such as emergency shut-down and exploration of surge region

    Wide operating range in all applications

    HPRC technology is applicable to many gas processes and is well suited to both low and medium molecular weight mixtures. It delivers high reliability and efficiency: from reduced weight and easier installation,
    to minimized footprint, lower power consumption and reduced maintenance.

    Optimized Design

    The use of both unshrouded and shrouded impellers on a stacked rotor with hirth teeth allows high tip speed and eliminates the shrink-fit limitation typical of other centrifugal compressors. Head per stage has been increased and the number of stages reduced by about 50%. The result is a higher total pressure ratio with fewer impellers.


    Technical Specifications

    Centrifugal compressor

    Up to 3 sections (@ 2 intercooler) in 1 casing

    Max. operating pressure

    400 bar (5,800 PSI)

    Pressure ratio

    Up to 30:1 (with natural gas mol. weight 20)

    Max flow

    300,000 Am3/h (254 MMSCF/D)


    Between bearings

    Gear selection

    Parallel shaft for Gear ratio < 9 Epicyclic gear ratio > 9 & power < 35 MW

    Driver types


    Dry gas seal





    +0.3% vs. standard machine


    +0.2% vs. standard machine


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