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Fuel Gas Systems

Fuel Gas Systems

Highly efficient design for a number of applications.

End to End Fuel Gas Systems for a variety of applications.

  • BHGE’s TPS business has overall responsibility for engineering, procurement, assembling, calibration, site assistance and maintenance of complete systems, driven by process know-how, system integration capability and Quality standards. Inlet pressure up to 150 bar and pipeline diameters up to 1200mm (DN 48”)


    • Auxiliary for Gas Turbine for mechanical drive and power generation powerful enough for Heavy Duty and Aeroderivative Gas Turbines
    • Gas Pipelines
    • Fuel Gas Treatment Skids for Pressure Reducing and Metering
    • City gates or Border Stations for Fiscal Metering

    Design Features:

    • Main components of the fuel gas treatment systems are: scrubber-separators, performance heater, electric startup heater, duplex coalescing filters.
    • Gas pressure reduction and metering stations are typically composed by: separators, filters, heaters, presussure reducing control valves and metering lines, instrumentation and control system.


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