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Fostering Diversity & Inclusion

Fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce is not just the right thing to do, it is critical to achieving a competitive advantage. We believe our company is stronger when the diversity of our employees reflects the customers, communities and people whose lives our technology enhances. Teams made up of individuals with diverse perspectives and experiences generate more insights and ideas by sharing in candid, collaborative and productive conversations to solve our toughest challenges. Identifying untapped opportunities, developing breakthrough technologies and new approaches to doing business increases our competitiveness.

We have clear goals that are supported by formal programs and monitored with key performance indictors (KPIs):

  • Achieve a 30% incremental improvement (over 2018) for all our diversity KPIs by 2020.2
  • Build global awareness with employees and drive engagement globally around our D&I goals and strategies.
  • Create a workplace atmosphere without bias by developing and enhancing training programs.
  • Monitor year over year hires, promotions and attrition within our professional and executive populations.
  • Increase the diversity of employees in leadership and non-traditional STEM roles.

D&I Council

We established an executive leadership D&I Council in early 2018 that meets on a quarterly basis to track progress against our goals and to identify new opportunities to create a more diverse and inclusive culture.

Maria Sferruzza
President, Asia Pacific Region

Uwem Ukpong
Chief Global Operations Officer

Will Marsh
Chief Legal Officer

Kevin Wetherington
Chief HSE, Security & Quality Officer

Harry Elsinga
Chief Human Resources Officer

Sara Hassett
Director, Global Communications, Turbomachinery & Process Solutions

Maria Claudia Borras
President & CEO, Oilfield Services

Shawna Kelley Shelor
Head of Diversity & Inclusion

Jen Hartsock
Chief Information Officer

Andrea Pinnarelli
Vice President, HR - Organization & Talent Development

Rod Christie
President & CEO, Turbomachinery & Process Solutions


Culture of Inclusion

Our vision is to work and live in an inclusive environment where all employees are visible, engaged, developed and able to bring their authentic selves to work. To help support this vision, we launched Leading without Bias workshops and added Leading Inclusively workshops, which we made a requirement in 2018 for all our people leaders, or approximately 6,000 individuals in BHGE.

In this environment where disruptive change is the new normal, the ability to look at a situation from different perspectives can help us see around corners and anticipate outcomes …. Diverse teams give us a competitive advantage.”

– Lorenzo Simonelli, Chairman, President & CEO, BHGE

In 2018, we also piloted several workshops, such as Men Advocating for Real Change (MARC) with Catalyst in North America. All of BHGE’s executive leadership team and a majority of its senior executive leadership attended these sessions.

In addition to awareness and training, we are supporting contemporary practices in the workplace that encourage flexibility and enable employees to achieve the balance they need when and where they need it by offering flexible work and leave schedules, and implementing new recruitment programs targeted at those who have temporarily left the workforce.

Employee Resource Groups

Our D&I Council regularly reviews the company’s Affinity Networks and Employee Resource Groups (ERG), and in 2018 the council focused on analyzing these networks to establish Inclusion Council hubs at a regional level in locations like Italy, Scotland, Russia and the United States. These hubs aim to drive intersectionality and cross-collaboration across multiple Affinity Networks and ERGs, while helping to build professional networks, develop skills and enhance career management. They also provide employees with a community to support local initiatives, partner with industry leaders, and build friendships and connections.

ERGs also help us foster a culture of inclusion by giving employees an outlet to celebrate differences and channel energy into the most impactful areas of our business and communities where we operate. The ERGs at BHGE include the Women’s Network, People with Disabilities Network, GLBTA3 Alliance, African American Forum, Middle East Network Group, Hispanic Forum, Asian Pacific American Forum, BHGE Volunteers, Leaders of Tomorrow, Leaders Connection and Well-being Network.

In 2018, the BHGE GLBTA Alliance partnered with a group of suppliers and partners from around the world to celebrate International Coming Out Day to encourage more diversity and inclusion across the supply chain. Teams hosted events with customers and partners in Houston, Florence and Aberdeen. Additionally, BHGE’S Asian Pacific American Forum contributed more than 175 hours of volunteer time implementing the Igniting Minds program with local area middle schools in the Houston area to encourage STEM interest. The BHGE Volunteers Rio de Janeiro Council recently held a Career Day, designed to help public high school students discover and develop their potential, network, and reflect on future plans and careers through lectures and coaching sessions by BHGE volunteers.

Supply Chain Diversity

Launched at the end of 2018, our Supplier Diversity Program is focused on partnering with certified minority- and women-owned businesses, as well as with veteran-owned, LGBT and small business enterprises to stimulate community and economic growth.

The oil and gas industry averages 6% of discretionary spend with diverse suppliers. Our long-term goal is to reach and exceed that standard as we expand our program globally with an initial focus on the United States and Canada where agencies certify diverse suppliers.

Eleven BHGE Employees Celebrated at 2018 Experience Energy GRIT Awards

The Experience Energy GRIT Awards were created to recognize women leaders in the energy sector and the men who advocate for their progress. In 2018, 11 BHGE employees were recognized as finalists for this award and seven were award recipients, selected from over 150 submissions from North America, the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, Asia, Russia and the Middle East. BHGE had the most honorees of all participating companies and was named a GRIT Champion of Transformation.