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Gas Turbines for Electric Fracturing - Big Power, Small Footprint

  • We’re solving some of the industry’s toughest challenges in operating off-grid fracturing fleets, such as logistics, operational footprint, power, and reducing noise and flare gas emissions with products from our Turbomachinery & Process Solutions portfolio.

    BHGE’s mobile and modular turbines allow customers to switch from diesel-fueled engines to gas turbines that produce electricity to power pressure pumps for hydraulic fracturing operations.  Our high-efficiency electric fracturing solutions help you save on fuel costs and fulfill commitments to reduce carbon emissions in places like the Permian Basin and remote areas across the world.

    BHGE’s family of modular gas turbines are the heartbeat of the electric fracturing revolution.  These compact, high efficiency modular packages are easy to install, afford low maintenance and high availability, and reduce noise and flare gas emissions. They are customizable to fit your needs with a variety of options available in power ranges from 5.6MW to 34.5MW.



    • Easy installation, single truck with all auxiliaries, no crane required
    • Reduces fleet size by up to 40% 
    • Eliminates diesel truck logistics and associated engine noise
    • Consumes associated gas that would otherwise be flared
    • Increases pressure pumping reliability
    • Provides safer operations through remote monitoring and diagnostics
    • Eliminates millions of dollars per year in diesel fuel and maintenance costs


    BHGE’s Differentiated Technology

    BHGE’s proven electric fracturing technology has already powered remote pressure pumping fleets in North America, with BHGE becoming the first company to successfully deploy gas turbines used in electric fracturing. Our portfolio offers you differentiated gas turbine technology, ranging from LM2500/TM2500 gas turbines to BHGE’s NOVA™LT gas turbines, and leverages using natural gas available onsite to power hydraulic fracturing fleets