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SPECTRACLEAR Organic Polymers

SPECTRACLEAR Organic Polymers

  • SPECTRACLEAR™ organic polymers are improving wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) operations through accelerated emulsion breaking, slop oil dehydration, and slop oil minimization without the typical side effects, resulting in increased flexibility and lower operation costs. SPECTRACLEAR polymers contain fewer metals, allowing for a wide pH operating window while also reducing the amount of inorganic salts added to wastewater streams. This is specifically beneficial for refineries that are tasked to meet effluent permit requirements.

    SPECTRACLEAR organic polymers offer the following benefits:

    A multifunctional solution, SPECTRACLEAR is a group of cationically charged organic polymers that can function as a coagulant, emulsion breaker, or flocculant to treat challenging emulsions in desalter brine, oily water streams, dissolved air flotation (DAF) influent, and slop oil, without the side effects typical of conventional chemistries.

    SPECTRACLEAR organic polymers decrease the sludge volume by producing a tighter floc that holds less water, while reducing the ancillary waste disposal costs and the potential for corrosion.

    Using 50% less total chemistry, SPECTRACLEAR efficiently breaks emulsion, neutralizes charges, and coagulates oily solids, thereby improving wastewater clarity.

    By reducing oil, grease, and solids in the effluent, DAF performance is improved.

    Contact a BHGE representative about how SPECTRACLEAR can help you process a wider variety of crudes, improve your plant’s profitability and performance, and comply with regulatory requirements.

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