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LIFESHIELD Non-Phosphorous Corrosion Inhibition Program

LIFESHIELD Non-Phosphorous Corrosion Inhibition Program

Enhance corrosion protection for cooling water systems

  • Corrosion in cooling towers can be a serious operational issue, leading to decreased efficiency and equipment failures when the corrosion is uncontrolled or the treatment, ineffective. Most industrial operations use traditional orthophosphate, polyphosphates or other phosphorous-containing water treatment programs to control corrosion in towers. Emerging regulatory guidelines reduce your options on how you can protect your cooling water system by restricting the amount of phosphorous in your chemical treatment programs, amid concerns of the potential impact of phosphorous on surface water and the environment.  In a proactive response, we developed the LIFESHIELD™ non-phosphorous corrosion inhibition program to address these operational challenges. 

    You can meet stringent environmental regulations and manage the problems of highly corrosive water systems

    Traditional phosphate-based corrosion programs require precise control to create a balance with other cooling system factors like temperature and pH levels to decrease the risk of fouling and corrosion. We have developed a more efficient solution; LIFESHIELD non-p corrosion inhibitor offers operators increased flexibility for a variety of stressed cooling water conditions.  LIFESHIELD systems contains zero phosphorous to meet HSE and legal regulations and reduce fouling of downstream equipment.  These systems also reduce the threat of corrosion-influenced equipment failure, improve reliability, and enable water re-use to reduce energy consumption and costs.

    Each LIFESHIELD corrosion inhibition program includes ongoing monitoring to track trends and analyze performance. The program can be combined with our VIVID™ smart controller for automated online monitoring, which can help improve water system efficiencies and costs.

    Our LIFESHIELD program is designed to perform in a variety of stressed cooling water conditions, including:

    • High chloride environments (>1,000 ppm)
    • Zero to medium water hardness levels
    • A broad range of pH levels
    • Temperatures in excess of 150°F (66°C)
    • High iron levels
    • High biocide levels
    • High bulk water temperatures

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