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LeakGuard Hydrocarbon Leak Detection Mitigation Services

LeakGuard Hydrocarbon Leak Detection Mitigation Services

Avoid production dips, escalating OPEX by finding, resolving hydrocarbon leaks fast

  • Our LeakGuard™ hydrocarbon leak detection and mitigation services can spot hydrocarbon leaks in your process cooling water systems fast, and help keep your systems operating optimally while you plan for repairs. The best approach is early detection and accurate identification to save you money by avoiding throughput disruption and by keeping operating and maintenance costs under control.

    LeakTrap hydrocarbon detectors

    Prevent escalating operating costs with no guesswork

    Our LeakTrap™ hydrocarbon detectors take the guesswork out of leak detection. While other measurements using oxidant demand or oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) can indicate a leak may be present, our clear, bell-jar devices actually capture hydrocarbon liquid or vapors even at very low ppm. This enables you to confirm a leak visually. Early detection means you can avoid escalating chemical, equipment, and maintenance costs from leaks caused by increased microbial growth, corrosion, and fouling.

    Avoid production losses from reduced heat exchange capacity

    Since hydrocarbons are food for microorganisms, a leak can increase microbial growth, including surface biofilms. Along with increased metal corrosion and fouling, increased biofilm growth can dramatically reduce heat transfer capacity, hampering plant production. LeakTrap hydrocarbon detectors protect you against such dire circumstances.

    Detect the leak quickly and save money

    Every minute a leak goes undetected means more potential operational impact. Our LeakTrap devices can be installed permanently on a cooling tower or can be used as a portable unit. This gives you maximum measurement flexibility so you can detect a leak quickly, saving time and money.

    LeakID rapid hydrocarbon identification

    Save time, money with fast ID to avoid throughput disruption

    Our LeakID™ rapid hydrocarbon identification service reduces the time spent finding a leaking heat exchanger from weeks to hours. Save time and money, and reduce your stress dramatically.

    With our LeakID service, our trained professionals need just about five minutes to determine the type and quantity of hydrocarbon present. This information helps quickly narrow the search for the damaged heat exchanger so you stop wasting precious resources.

    Employing other methods to find the leaking heat exchanger, such as taking ORP measurements on the inlet and outlet of an exchanger, can take days to wade through a large number of exchangers. Some heat exchangers don’t have sample lines.  With the LeakID test, all you need to do is take a water sample from the tower basin.

    Advantages of the LeakGuard hydrocarbon leak detection and mitigation services include:

    • Find leaks early reducing the potential for increased microbiological activity
    • Reduces man time needed to identify and locate the leak
    • Reduces the amount of hydrocarbon discharged into the cooling water system

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