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BioKlenz Biofilm Control

BioKlenz Biofilm Control

Control cooling water biofilm growth to reach production, profit objectives

  • Hydrocarbon processors are very susceptible to poor heat exchange because their cooling water systems are prone to menacing and costly hydrocarbon leaks, which provide a food source that accelerates biofilm growth. Academic research has shown microbial biofilm growth in cooling water is a greater impediment to heat transfer than common mineral scales.

    Our BioKlenz™ biofilm control services will keep your industrial cooling water system performing at peak efficiency with the safe and effective generation and delivery of chlorine dioxide biocide, especially good at killing biofilm growth.

    Reduce environmental impact without chlorinated organics

    Compared with other common oxidants like bleach and bromine, chlorine dioxide (ClO2) doesn’t oxidize most contaminants and especially hydrocarbons. This avoids creating hazardous chlorinated organics. Chlorine dioxide reacts with bacteria, making it ideal for hydrocarbon processors prone to biofilm problems.

    ClO2 has more electrons in its outer shell than bleach and has a net neutral charge. This enables ClO2 to react more efficiently and to effectively penetrate net-negatively charged biofilms. So, you get an environmentally-friendly biocide that happens to focus exactly on your needs, eliminating biofilms.

    Lower OPEX, equipment costs from reduced fouling, scaling, corrosion

    Increased microbial biofilm growth directly impacts the amount of fouling, scaling, and corrosion in a refinery or petrochemical cooling water system. BioKlenz services keep your system surfaces clean from biofilm growth. This eliminates underdeposit corrosion, so your corrosion inhibitors actually protect surfaces like they’re supposed to. You’ll end up with lower operating and equipment costs.

    Maximize production, profits through increased heat exchange

    With cleaner surfaces, you’ll also see increased heat exchange rates so you can maximize your production. We can bring BioKlenz services to your site using our PREPARED TO RESPOND™ (P2R™) team trained to treat severe biofilm growth challenges. We can also provide permanent installations to keep your cooling water systems consistently clean, so you can maintain maximum production and profits year-round.

    Advantages of the BioKlenz biofilm control services include:

    •  Reduced biofilm which improves heat transfer and plant efficiency
    •  Lower underdeposit corrosion which improves equipment life and reliability
    •  Eliminates potential chlorinated organics in the waste water discharge

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