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  • Maintain production and profit objectives and meet new environmental mandates about phosphorous by maximizing heat exchanger performance with our effective cooling water treatment programs. Focused on a hydrocarbon processor’s unique needs, we’ve developed a turnkey approach to hydrocarbon leak detection and mitigation. This saves time and money. Our fit-for-purpose biocide application is effective in destroying biofilms and as such reduces corrosion rates over time. Our unique, efficient non-phosphorous corrosion inhibitor enables you to comply with new regulatory requirements while enhancing the reliability of your cooling water system.

    Cooling water systems that cool and condense various process streams in hydrocarbon processing facilities must function at peak performance. This minimizes operating cost and maximizes plant performance and profitability. We offer specific solutions to this fundamental challenge.

    No matter the operating conditions and water chemistry, we keep operating cost to a minimum. We do this through online monitoring and control of your cooling water scale, corrosion, and microbiological challenges.

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