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Boiler Water Treatment

Boiler Water Treatment

Maximize processing plant profits through improved boiler performance

  • Boiler system performance and reliability are key to hydrocarbon processing plant profitability. Refineries require enormous amounts of steam for various process uses. Expertise with the complex water chemistry issues involved in cost-effective boiler system treatment is essential. We apply that knowledge and experience to maximize profitability.

    Whether it’s the water-side or combustion-side of your boiler systems, our approach keeps boiler equipment clean and operating efficiently. This maximizes throughput and profitability. The skillful application of high-purity water and steam chemistries delivers consistent steam quality. This minimizes turbine maintenance and improves quantity and quality of return condensate.

    Optimize boiler system operational efficiency

    Refinery boilers operate at highly variable pressures. Vigilance is required for operational efficiency and reliability. A problem in a 1,500 psig [10.3 MPa] boiler could result in severe steam turbine damage. Hydrocarbon processors also face unique challenges like boiler system hydrocarbon intrusion. We leverage our knowledge of the hydrocarbon-processing industry to ensure boiler systems operate at peak performance.

    Reduce plant operating costs

    Consumption of energy, water, and chemicals directly relates to pretreated water and steam condensate quality. These components of boiler feed water are critical to optimal boiler system performance. We pay particular attention to boiler system pretreatment whether its lime or zeolite softening, reverse osmosis, and/or demineralization. We monitor and maintain boiler pretreatment equipment and apply the appropriate corrective actions if problems develop. 

    Lower capital cost by extending service life

    We want you to avoid making a request for capital expenditures. We can explore alternatives to equipment replacement to optimize your plant’s performance and profit. Just knowing the equipment and making modest repairs or adjustments can often save a significant investment. We’ll protect your capital investment for when you really need it.

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