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Superior additive technology and expertise across the refining supply chain

  • Boost your bottom line by enhancing the end-use characteristics of your fuels, intermediates, and crude oils. BHGE provides expert analysis along with a range of customized chemical and technology solutions designed to help you achieve the highest product quality possible, while extending the life of your assets.

    Depend on BHGE’s detailed product recommendations and expert logistical support to solve specific issues that arise during transportation, blending, and processing of shale oil. Reduce fuel injector deposits, enhance lubricity, increase stability, mitigate corrosion, and eliminate water entrainment to maximize operating margins throughout the refining supply chain process.

    Traditional Fuel Additives from BHGE provide many advantages for customers, including:

    • Improve quality of fuels, intermediates, and crude oils
    • Reduce maintenance costs associated with lower quality fuel - Increase fuel market value and ROI
    • Exceed industry fuel specifications
    • Protect your operations

    Our fuel additives maximize profitability by increasing fuel market value. Rely on our expertise in refineries, fuel terminals, pipelines, marine fuels, biofuels, railroads and power generation.  Whatever your fuels needs are, we have the expertise and the products to improve operability, maintain compliance and enhance fuel quality.  Our fuel additive specialists offer superior service and logistical support from detailed product recommendations to comprehensive laboratory support.

    Our fuels technology team is composed of industry leading specialists, including a dedicated field support arm as well as a fully equipped analytical group.  Service and support is in our DNA. We will assist you to meet industry specifications. We are there at every step of the process.

    An ongoing concern for many of our industrial customers is the risk posed by toxic hydrogen sulfide (H2S).  We are the industry leader in H2S abatement chemistries with a full portfolio of H2S scavenger products to assist you in protecting your employees and community, compliance assurance and risk mitigation.  

    Our fuel additives encompass products developed to address the needs of the hydrocarbon transportation industry.  Shale oil is becoming a favorite crude feed for refiners because it is cost effective and readily available. Our customized chemical, service, and technology solutions solve the specific problems caused by shale oil during transportation, blending, and processing. We provide expert analysis and chemical solutions that help you improve operating margins at each step of the refining supply chain process.

    Call us or send us an e-mail to learn more about how our fuel additives increase the value of your fuels, intermediates, and crude oils. Our fuel additive expertise includes antioxidants and fuel stabilizer; lubricity and conductivity improvers; hydrogen sulfide H2S and mercaptan scavengers; dehazers and demulsifiers; fuel biocide, cetane improver, and cold-flow additives; ferrous and nonferrous corrosion inhibitors; and multifunctional packages. 

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