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Opportunity Crudes Processing

Opportunity Crudes Processing

Increase refinery profitability and improve crude diet flexibility 

Our chemical treatment programs and services increase margin capture on opportunity crude oils and improve your crude diet flexibility: giving you the ability to run the crudes you want, when you want, in the volumes you want. Our differential chemical technologies and application experience with opportunity crude oils allows you to process higher rates of these feedstocks. This occurs with minimal impact on crude unit reliability, equipment integrity, wastewater treatment plant operations, and other downstream unit operations.

  • Processing challenges depend on the feedstock’s physical and chemical characteristics and its behavior when blended with other crudes. In addition, the configuration and capabilities of the refinery’s processing units also can pose a challenge.

    Poor desalting efficiency, uncontrollable emulsions, and other desalting challenges are common when processing lower priced opportunity crude oils and will further impact downstream operations. Our comprehensive Crude Oil Management™ approach includes a suite of tools and technologies that can help maximize your profitability and minimize your risk. Proactively gaining insight into the processing challenges of crude blends allows you to confidently increase your crude diet flexibility without compromising reliability.

    Shale oil has become a favorite crude feed for refiners because it is cost effective and broadly available. Our customized chemical, service, and technology solutions solve the specific problems caused by shale oil during blending and processing. We provide expert analysis and chemical solutions that help you improve operating margins at each step of the refining supply chain process.

    By implementing our solutions, our customers are realizing these key benefits:

    • processing higher rates of challenging feedstocks

    • processing wider varieties of challenging feedstocks

    • maintaining stable desalter performance and healthy, compliant wastewater treatment operations

    • minimizing the impact of opportunity crude processing on unit operations and equipment integrity.

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