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LIFESPAN exchanger fouling control program

LIFESPAN exchanger fouling control program

Control specific fouling problems and get the best return on your investment

  • Process-side fouling can occur in crude units, hydrotreaters, and FCCUs. It reduces throughput and causes unscheduled unit shutdowns and maintenance issues. Fouling increases energy consumption, CO2 emissions, and operating costs.  Our LIFESPAN™ exchanger fouling control programs provide the help you need to control specific fouling problems and get the best return on your investment. Our fouling solutions are custom-designed for maximum impact and targeted to where and when you need them.

    We treat the problems with field-proven products that address specific fouling mechanisms

    Using a practical, systematic approach to heat exchanger fouling, our technical specialists carefully evaluate the operational data and use proprietary testing programs to understand the fouling mechanism and ensure we have a complete picture of the fouling process. Based on the evaluation, appropriate antifoulant products are screened for their effectiveness and recommendations are developed to solve your fouling problem in the most cost-effective manner possible.  Monitoring programs are implemented to establish performance goals and track performance.

    Our LIFESPAN programs help:

    • Control fouling
    • Maintain target throughput
    • Increase feedstock flexibility
    • Extend run lengths and improve reliability
    • Decrease cleaning and maintenance costs
    • Reduce excess energy costs and CO2 emissions
    • Decrease total cost of operations


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