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FLO NOW Instant Drag Reduction Services

FLO NOW Instant Drag Reduction Services

Increase throughput in short transfer lines

Bottlenecks in your short lines can lead to restricted flow, demurrage charges, and additional issues with facility scheduling. FLO™ NOW instant drag reduction services can help you overcome these operational challenges, enhancing product throughput in transfer lines that are less than two miles in length.

  • FLO NOW services deliver a patented mechanical technology for rapid introduction of chemical solutions into transfer lines, activating the product to provide maximum performance. The services utilize a compact, mobile unit that introduces chemical directly into the treated hydrocarbon. This application method allows customer flexibility and minimal response times to alleviate constraints throughout the loading and unloading process in refineries and terminals. The BHGE chemical solution is compatible with is all types of hydrocarbon fluids, which allows for maximum versatility in the terminal environment.

    Efficiently transfer additional crude oils and achieve higher levels of refining availability with FLO NOW instant drag reduction services.

    FLO NOW instant drag reduction services provide many applications for customers, including:

    • Refinery transfer lines
    • Marine vessel loading and unloading
    • Railcar loading and unloading
    • Oil and gas gathering lines 

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