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JETTISON Solids Release Agents

JETTISON Solids Release Agents

Increase the removal of solids and contaminants during the desalting process

  • What is the most critical challenge for removing solids from crudes today? New crude oils, with a higher mass content of solids and smaller particle sizes, have become common within refinery feed slates. These solids can stabilize emulsions and upset the desalter, causing temporary loss of performance. This diminished performance then translates into undesirable consequences for downstream oil and wastewater processes, and add to the refinery maintenance burden.

    Manage solids to improve profit

    JETTISON solids release agents (SRA) remove oil from solids, releasing solids from the emulsion/interface into the brine, which remains oil free. Your refiners experience better operational flexibility and improved throughput, along with reduced maintenance, energy and catalyst costs, while maintaining product value. Effective solids management enables your refiners to maximize their profit opportunities by being able to successfully process challenging crude oils.

    JETTISON SRA technology:

    • Enables effective processing of opportunity crudes
    • Facilitates emulsion resolution
    • Delivers de-oiled solids allowing wastewater treatment plant separation
    • Decreases fouling in hot crude preheat, furnaces, and subsequent refinery operations
    • Lessens upsets that lead to downstream corrosion
    • Reduces solids and metals that can poison catalysts
    • Removes metals that downgrade product quality

    A holistic approach

    Achieving a high degree of increased solids removal requires a holistic approach. JETTISON SRA technology is part of a larger platform of tools and technologies known as the BHGE Crude Oil Management™ program, since we treat symptoms beyond the desalter. A successful approach begins with crude oil receipts, includes the impact of slops and rerun, and continues downstream to encompass the desalting process.

    The BHGE Crude Oil Management approach provides the best feedstock preparation possible, maximizing refinery utilization and profitability. JETTISON SRA technology is the latest addition to our crude oil processing toolbox, enabling you to take full advantage of attractively-priced opportunity crude oils.

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